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Hooker Carl(802-476-3586)
North Barre Granite Co(802-476-6624)
Barclay Bernard P(802-479-9287)
Caslani Emilio(802-476-5089)
Dalton M(802-476-3070)
Holmes Connie(802-479-0168)
Holmes Victor(802-479-0168)
Grearson Jas W(802-476-7182)
Furey M(802-479-2017)
Cassani Anthony(802-476-5158)
Warnes Wendell(802-476-4957)
Montgomery M H(802-479-5934)
Grandfield Laura(802-479-1033)
Grandfield Malcolm(802-479-1033)
Grout D(802-476-0438)
Dickinson Alice(802-476-8998)
Dickinson Clifford(802-476-8998)
Kennedy Wm(802-476-8970)
Aldrich Michael(802-476-5266)
Aldrich Sheila(802-476-5266)
West Lillian(802-479-2468)
West Ronald(802-479-2468)
McAllister Dan(802-479-1284)
McAllister J(802-476-3523)
McAllister M(802-476-3523)
Maza Manuel(802-479-9619)
Pickett Pamela(802-479-5938)
Pickett Ray(802-479-5938)
La Perle & Sons Granite Co(802-476-6463)
Imex International(802-479-7995)
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