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Bania Jos F(802-775-0247)
Castleton Town of(802-468-5574)
Castleton Village Store(802-468-2213)
Dempsey Brian P Atty(802-468-5866)
Elwood Ellen(802-468-2963)
Elwood Lester(802-468-2963)
Ettori Thos E(802-468-5394)
Farrow Patrick J V(802-468-5683)
Farrow Susan H(802-468-5683)
Flowers Kenneth A(802-468-5830)
Forty Seven Main Street Inc(802-468-5325)
Frye D(802-468-2930)
Fsm Supportive Living(802-468-5152)
Galvin Christine(802-468-3195)
Gilbert Tami(802-468-3180)
Gilbert Timothy(802-468-3180)
Gill Christina(802-265-4861)
Gray Richard(802-468-4055)
Gray Victoria(802-468-4055)
Graziano Andy(802-468-5149)
Graziano Nancy(802-468-2131)
Gross William L(802-468-5896)
Hayes Ralph(802-468-5696)
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