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Austin Donald F(802-695-3319)
Coderre Raymond(802-525-4368)
Stony's Lawn-Boy(802-525-3300)
Kennedy Pauline(802-525-9586)
Snedeker D(802-525-9929)
Sicard Paul A(802-525-3117)
Scarpa L(802-754-8581)
Menard Arawn(802-754-2663)
Menard Jessica(802-754-2663)
King Barbara L(802-525-3402)
King William(802-525-3402)
Karsch Andrew(802-525-3375)
Barber Ken(802-525-3787)
Barton Golf Club Llc(802-525-1126)
Richardson Anne(802-754-6303)
Armstrong Walter(802-525-6573)
May Fred S(802-525-3409)
May Wm R(802-525-3455)
Watson Caroline(802-525-4105)
Watson Jason(802-525-4105)
Barton Town of(802-754-2923)
Chenette Barbara(802-525-4249)
Chenette Maurice(802-525-4249)
Dunklee Stanley(802-525-4311)
Gillette L(802-525-3138)
Hathaway David(802-525-3084)
Hathaway Dorothy(802-525-3084)
Lavalle Linda(802-525-4463)
Meehan J(802-525-4551)
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