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Ackerson Lawrence(802-635-2041)
Abascal Michael J(802-485-7796)
Barquin Violet(802-485-4832)
Beattie Donald(802-485-4921)
Bessette Edward(802-485-4116)
Brassard Jeanette(802-485-7611)
Brassard Louis(802-485-7611)
Brassard Marie(802-485-7844)
Briggs Newell A(802-485-5778)
Burian Emilie(802-485-9668)
Cady Irene(802-485-5563)
Corliss Mary(802-485-5577)
Delgrosso Alba(802-485-4869)
Dillon Ruth(802-485-7315)
Dumaresq D(802-485-6260)
Frigon Ruth(802-485-5547)
Hayden Robert C(802-485-3171)
Hazen Ethel(802-485-8337)
Holland Rose(802-485-4302)
Lewis Charlotte M(802-485-7404)
Maver M C(802-485-4809)
McLaughlin Louise(802-485-4552)
McMahon Clare(802-485-5764)
Melada Elma(802-485-4419)
Miles Nettie(802-485-7569)
Owen Helen(802-485-7353)
Russell Rosetta(802-485-7747)
Severance Ruth V(802-485-9525)
Slafter L H(802-485-3181)
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