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Austin Clyde(802-476-8949)
King Dawn(802-244-7419)
King Scott(802-244-7419)
Barup J(802-244-9955)
Culver Marlene(802-244-5376)
Agway Waterbury Agway(802-244-6601)
Anderson Jeanne(802-244-1542)
Anderson Wm(802-244-1542)
B & M Sales Service & Towing(802-244-1801)
Bauer Fabrication(802-244-4002)
Beam Andy(802-244-9915)
Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc(802-882-1240)
Center Sunoco Service(802-244-5149)
Coffin's Tv & Rentals Inc(802-244-8402)
Connor Jeff(802-244-1283)
Connor Linda(802-244-1283)
Cubit Dale(802-244-6124)
Curtis Ben(802-244-5346)
Durand Amy M(802-244-8133)
Duxbury Town Garage(802-244-6135)
Early Vermont Antiques(802-244-5373)
Fastop Exxon(802-244-6426)
Fischer John(802-244-5911)
Fischer Lisa(802-244-5911)
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